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Security Outsourcing

To effectively defend against cyber-criminals, organizations must look at ways to expand their ability to secure and maintain compliance across their evolving IT infrastructure. Mhz Global use advanced technologies, threat intelligence feeds, and defined processes to take on the responsibility of managing and defining security content.

Our Services

  • Network boundary protection, including managed services for firewalls.
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.
  • Anti-virus and content filtering services.
  • Information security risk assessments.
  • Data archiving and rest.

Benefits to Organization

  • Reducing and resolving IT security issues across the globe before they affect business operations and image.
  • Building security that is vendor and technology neutral to keep real-time pace with change.
  • Securing systems, applications and data for a global and mobile workforce.
  • Increasing data accuracy for corporate, regulatory and license compliance.