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Channel Development

Channel Development help customer to design and execute a productive partner program in order to identify, attract and convince those potential resellers with the best Partner Value for their business. Mhz Global leverage on international network of local partners in order to provide software/hardware vendors with long-term revenues from indirect sales (licenses and/or subscriptions) while mitigating the challenges of building and managing partner channels from scratch.

Our Services

  • Enable partner technical teams by ensuring they comply with training and certification requirements.
  • Keep partner teams updated on sales resources, changes and new developments.
  • Support sales team to assist in closing new opportunities from partners.
  • Works closely with Account Managers to ensure customer satisfaction and problem resolution.
  • Determine market priorities and revenue objectives.
  • Establish pricing and payment policies.
  • Identify the key components of a marketing support package.
  • Provide the typical elements of a reseller manual.
  • Assess the need for product localization.
  • Review technical support requirements.

Benefits to Organization

  • Clear product and service offerings prospects and clients understand.
  • Increased loyalty through upgrading existing clients.
  • Logical incremental steps for add on sales opportunities.
  • Clear marketing strategies that engage customers to go to the next level with minimal risk.
  • Free your sales resources from channel development tasks.
  • Provide your partners with training, on-going support, sales qualification, negotiation, and pipeline closure.
  • Reduce your overheads through an outsourced channel development model.
  • Partner enablement through training, sales and marketing support.