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Channel Data Management

Channel Data Management (CDM) collects point-of-sale (POS), inventory and sales. We allow you to easily look up and add reporting partners, as well as automate data submissions. Mhz Global Channel Data Management is collecting and cleansing channel POS and inventory data from distributors, resellers and value-added resellers.

Our Services

  • Best-of-breed channel data management.
  • Seamlessly integrated modular applications for revenue, sales and partner management.
  • Comprehensive business intelligence capabilities.
  • Out-of-the-box rapid deployment.
  • Quick payoff and high ROI from SaaS approach.
  • We standardize, enrich, validate and deliver your data in real-time, providing you with a single source for accurate channel intelligence.

Benefits to organization

  • Identifying & predicting trends at the product and end-customer level.
  • Know exactly what is selling through your channels and the current inventory status
  • Gain complete visibility into sales trends for individual products and product families
  • Obtaining 100% accurate channel POS and inventory data and turning it into actionable insights that maximize channel sales, optimize operations, and reduce costs.
  • Knowing which distributors and resellers are selling your products and which OEMs are using your components.
  • Matching opportunities to leads and knowing when deals close.
  • A 360-degree view of all sales within an organization.