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Vendor Management

Mhz Global offers Vendor Management that enables organizations to control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain increased value from their vendors throughout the deal life cycle and establish a vendor management organization that best fits the enterprise.

Our Services

  • Supplier Selection.
  • Supplier Contract Management.
  • Supplier Payments.
  • Supplier Performance Reports and Metrics.
  • Electronic Time-sheets and Spend Reports.
  • Purchase Order Tracking and Integration.
  • Contractor Background Compliance.
  • Supplier Diversity.
  • Sourcing of vendors.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of vendor activities

Benefits to organization

  • Improve control through simple and efficient templates and workflows.
  • Reduce risk and enforce compliance by writing SOWs on your terms.
  • Get all project activity and financial details in a single view.
  • Enable quicker decision-making based on real-time project measurements and data.
  • Ensure quality and cost effective project deliverables due to competitive sourcing.
  • Know all consultants working across multiple projects, globally.
  • Use objective supplier metrics to benchmark and rationalize your supply chain.
  • Identifying opportunities to consolidate vendors. Providing vendors with larger or more frequent orders, often results in better pricing and terms.
  • Evaluation of current vendors with respect to their performance, quality and pricing structures.